Super Shout Out to Gusto Payroll Service

Somewhere I heard that if you have a happy customer, that happy customer will tell one other person. However, if you have an unhappy customer, that person will tell ten other people. I don’t know if that is true, but I do know that I am guilty of not given enough credit to those companies that do a good job, and I can really rag on those companies that don’t do a good job. So, with this post I am going to give credit to a company that I think did a fabulous job.

Today many businesses use on-line services to manage a variety of business processes, including customer relationships, logistics, accounting, payroll and more. These services are great. They make it so much easier for small companies to have access to software solutions that at one time were only available to big corporations.

I have used many of these programs, and many of them are very good. But any time you are using a new application you might run into problems or issues. Sometimes you need to speak with someone who can help you. For many of these software providers, there entire model is built on NOT talking to their customers. So rather than providing a phone number where a question could be answered in a couple of minutes, the user is forced to weed through pages and pages of FAQs, articles, user posts and so on to answer a question. I am sure like me many of you have wasted hours trying to get answers to questions from these online help resources.

A couple of days ago I needed to set up a payroll system for one of my clients, and I chose a product called Gusto. I went to the Gusto website, I registered, and then I started completing the information the system requires to set up payroll. I had barely got started when my phone rang. I answered the call, and it was Molly from Gusto. I couldn’t believe it. While other companies do not even want you to call them (they go to great lengths to hide their phone numbers) Molly from Gusto actually called me, and called me within minutes of me signing up for the Gusto payroll service. She wanted to know if I needed any help setting up payroll.

So, this post is a super shout out to Gusto. Way to go!! If any of you reading this post are looking for a payroll service, check out Gusto. The company really has its act together. And thank Molly!! Customer service is not dead after all.