Michael Manahan is an author, financial strategist, consultant, and professor.

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Welcome to the Biz Rap Organization. My name is Michael Manahan, and I am the host of the Biz Rap Radio Show, a financial consultant and strategist, an author and a professor of finance and accounting. I created this website for two purposes.

First, this website tells you about me. It covers the services I provide, some projects I have worked on in the past, capital I have helped raise, what clients think of me and how I manage my client relationships. If you are thinking about engaging me for a project, this website provides information that will allow you to make an informed and confident decision.

Second, through this website I share information and insights that could be valuable to you in your own business or career. Check out previous episodes of Biz Rap Radio, read Biz Rap News or invest a few dollars to purchase one of my books. You can also check out my blog at www.professormanahan.com.

Got a question? Want to find out if I can help you and your business? Call me at 213-675-6157 or email me at mike@bizrap.org. I’d love to find out what you are doing. Even if I can’t help you, maybe you’ll be the focus of a chapter in one of my future books or be a guest on Biz Rap Radio.

Remember, we can best help people by adhering to the fundamental concept that individuals, pursuing their own economic interests in free markets, will create more prosperity for more people than can ever be achieved through government regulations and a planned economy.